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The trouble with plastic waste

Originally posted on daryanenergyblog:
Figure 1: The great Pacific Garbage patch [Phys.org, 2018] With large garbage patches of plastic growing in the oceans, the ecological impact of our oil addiction is now a major crisis. And it’s also starting to…

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Will the plastics industry be the next target of the merchants of doubt?

A riddle for you: What has three words, eight letters and one meaning? My blog following now stands at 381. This number is special to me because it says 3-8-1, and to me that says “I love you”. I do … Continue reading

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Calling ‘time’ on plastic gyres

Following on from Our Today is Forever: If you don’t know what a ‘gyre’ is, I can’t think of a better introduction than Chris Jordan’s ocean of plastic in birds’ guts slideshow. I for one am going to start saying ‘no’ to … Continue reading

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Bottled water? No thanks!


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