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https://fivedotoh.com/2022/02/12/fowc-with-fandango-ramifications/ Sammy looked at the green plastic bottle that she was holding in her hands. Her sister, Libby, watched her. The last time she had seen her mother was when she was taken out of the house on a trolley…

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What really happens to your plastic recycling?

Many of us spend time carefully sorting our recycling. But what actually happens to the plastic waste we put out for collection? Greenpeace UK enlightened me on this subject a short while ago. There’s no WordPress ‘reblog’ button on their … Continue reading

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Our Today is Forever, revisited

This heart-rending masterpiece of a video is a mash-up featuring the music of Queen (‘Who Wants to Live Forever?’). It was uploaded to YouTube over a decade ago (21May2010), yet in all that time it has garnered fewer than 50k … Continue reading

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Japanese town cut waste by 80%, but…

Originally posted on Bobbing Around:
In 2003, the Japanese town, Kamikatsu, resolved to go waste-free by 2020. They did incredibly well, but couldn’t manage it. Why? The packaging industry makes it impossible. Please read this incisive short essay by Olivia…

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The trouble with plastic waste

Originally posted on daryanenergyblog:
Figure 1: The great Pacific Garbage patch [Phys.org, 2018] With large garbage patches of plastic growing in the oceans, the ecological impact of our oil addiction is now a major crisis. And it’s also starting to…

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Will the plastics industry be the next target of the merchants of doubt?

A riddle for you: What has three words, eight letters and one meaning? My blog following now stands at 381. This number is special to me because it says 3-8-1, and to me that says “I love you”. I do … Continue reading

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Calling ‘time’ on plastic gyres

Following on from Our Today is Forever: If you don’t know what a ‘gyre’ is, I can’t think of a better introduction than Chris Jordan’s ocean of plastic in birds’ guts slideshow. I for one am going to start saying ‘no’ to … Continue reading

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Bottled water? No thanks!


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