The trouble with plastic waste

A comprehensive take on our love affair with plastic. Ideally served with a dose of Plomomedia’s mashup ‘Our Today is Forever’:


eightmillion Figure 1: The great Pacific Garbage patch [, 2018]

With large garbage patches of plastic growing in the oceans, the ecological impact of our oil addiction is now a major crisis. And it’s also starting to impact on human health, with particles of plastic finding its way into human food chain and water supplies. It’s becoming less the blue planet we inhabit and more the plastic planet.

How Long Garbage Lasts in the Ocean Figure 2: Plastic can stick around for a surprisingly long period of time!

And the bad news is that this is only for openers. Some plastics can take centuries to biodegrade completely (leaching chemicals into the environment as they do so). So even if we ceased production of them tomorrow, that still leaves a huge toxic legacy to deal with. In many respects its proving the parable of the lily pond….just on a planetary scale!

not-happy.png Figure 3: Consumerism is serving…

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7 Responses to The trouble with plastic waste

  1. This is so, so scary! But thanks for writing about it.

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  2. oh and my view is , there are better ways, with all the technology we have today there is no excuse for this at all. Everything is about convienience and that leads to inconvenience eventually of our enviromental changes.

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  3. I love how you’ve given plenty of information! This is all so true and I’m thankful! I have a website about plastic too and about what it’s doing to our environment. Could you review it and give me tips?

    Also could you please help promote my petition to get single use plastic banned.


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