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I Can’t Breathe: Solve Racism to Solve Climate

Originally posted on Climate Denial Crock of the Week: Sierra Club: During the street protests and marches of the past two weeks, many people carried signs that read “Racism Is Killing Us.” It’s no exaggeration to say that racism…

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A brown new deal | The Consciousness of Sheep

Those lucky enough to die of old age often fall into a very peaceful state – not dissimilar to the deep relaxation sought after by meditation practitioners – from which they simply slip away. Since 1958, though, one of the … Continue reading

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Nobody is born a racist

Originally posted on Robby Robin's Journey:
[Disclaimer: I am convalescing from having shoulder replacement surgery last week, and so have little to do but take pain pills, lie around, and think about the state of the world. Thanks to…

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How to Use the Classic Block on the Block Editor on

Originally posted on ThoughtsnLifeBlog:
AHHH why are forcing us to go the the Block Editor on the 1st June 2020. Well, I am sure you know the reason why. If you are feeling daunted by this, and nervous, do…

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The AI Economist: Let’s Automate Politicians Away…

Originally posted on Mind the Post:
Capitalism and neoliberalism have been severely questioned lately. The rise of inequality in many countries (even though globally may be balancing due to China’s ascent) is a source of social and political tension. And…

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Alternatives to Killing People for the Economy

Originally posted on Cynthia Kaufman:
As the U.S. begins to reopen after being shut down to protect us from spreading Covid-19, many people are beginning to talk about a choice between what is good for the economy and what will…

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Hubble into music

Originally posted on Learning from Dogs:
Back to the space telescope! I cannot stop engaging in Hubble stories and republishing them in this place. The latest is an account, published here, of how scientists turned an image of a galaxy…

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Something Snapped

Originally posted on The Pilgrimage:
I’m not racist. Neither are most of the white people I know. But finally, at long last, I’m starting to have an inkling that, given our nation’s history and track record (ugh. No pun intended),…

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Live now In what you have , The present moment holds All that is and will be this day, Too soon Passes This time into eternity So precious is all time Love’s gift to us To live

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Corona Crisis Reveals We Need Systemic, not Just Individual Change

Originally posted on Climate Denial Crock of the Week:
Climate change is not your fault. The fossil fuel industry has been spending a lot of money to subtly introduce the idea that if only you, just you, would change your…

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