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Lord of the Dance

I have no post prepared for this week (too much to do, too little time). Esme posted this gem a short while ago; I’d noted it for a ‘reblog’ for an occasion such as this, but her post doesn’t have … Continue reading

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Feasons Bleatings

Originally posted on Esme's Cloud:
I know, it’s been a while, but here I am so shush. 2022 has been truly horrifying, have something giddy for the day. ? Felicitations for One and All Tiny Tim! (not the disturbing…

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Net Zero: the great con

“Net zero” is the concept that I can carry on my climate-wrecking activities by paying someone somewhere to do something that removes CO2 from the air. Then typically there is a date put on it: “Net zero by 2050” used … Continue reading

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We are getting close to it being too late!

Originally posted on Learning from Dogs:
As in we humans living on this planet. Next Saturday I am giving a talk to our local Freethinkers and Humanists group on climate change. As a result of this I was doing some…

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The Grassroots Manifesto, by Don Lubov

Originally posted on Bobbing Around:
After many years thinking about this manifesto, it’s time to write it down and to share it with others. How a society treats its least capable and most dependent members is an accurate measure of…

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A unique opportunity (time-limited offer!)

Originally posted on Wibble:
Just over a week ago, I registered the domain name for a specific reason. It has served its purpose; I no longer need it and intend to allow it to expire in a year. 2022-08-27T13:06:00…

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Republican Voices of Experience Speak Loudly

Originally posted on Filosofa's Word:
It’s one thing for someone like me, a mere political observer, to say that Donald Trump must be prosecuted for his crimes, particularly the crime of inciting an attempted coup to overturn an election,…

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Misplaced Priorities

Originally posted on Filosofa's Word:
The effects of climate change are predicted to bring us our hottest summer ever and one with even more hurricanes, tornadoes, and extreme wildfires than past years. We are told that we should expect…

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How brexit is turning the UK into a haven…for human rights abuse

Originally posted on daryanenergyblog:
One of the main motivations for brexit was to tackle immigration. However, even before the referendum, it was pointed out to the brexiters, that their plans would be unworkable and counter productive. Job markets are fairly…

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The Anti-Democracy Movement Run Amok

Originally posted on Filosofa's Word:
As I lay in bed at 5:30 this morning seeking that elusive thing called sleep, I received an email with Robert Reich’s latest newsletter.  Despite my better judgment, I started reading the piece and…

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