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Phlyarologist (part-time) and pendant. Campaigner for action against anthropogenic global warming (AGW) and injustice in all its forms. Humanist, atheist, notoftenpist. Wannabe poet, writer and astronaut.

I found this really relaxing. Exactly what I needed right now!

My blogging’s been slacking of lateMy excuse: I’ve a lot on my plate.I’d apologise for being so out of lineBut I’m sorry, I just don’t have the time.I’m in quite the bightThere’s no end in sightOh, wait: here’s one

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We are getting close to it being too late!

Originally posted on Learning from Dogs:
As in we humans living on this planet. Next Saturday I am giving a talk to our local Freethinkers and Humanists group on climate change. As a result of this I was doing some…

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There are far too many people on Spaceship Earth

… who lack basic essentials such as water, food, shelter, friends – and empathy. Especially that last. (Human) population is a serious problem; mainly because it’s crowding out the other residents of ‘our’ planet. The more serious issue, though, is … Continue reading

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This page is intentionally blank

This page is intentionally blank Continue reading

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Good news: wa’ mIn has been reunited with his family!

I was going to simply add an addendum to last week’s wibblette to announce the good news… but then I realised that a better choice would be to make a separate post about it, as this would make it more … Continue reading

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It would seem that <wa’ mIn> has adopted me…

Is this your cat? … because it’s not mine. I made a mistake a few days ago (yep; another one). I’d better start at the beginning… I’ve seen this one-eyed black cat around the neighbourhood for some time now. It’s … Continue reading

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Nature’s wonders are truly magnificent

This beautiful flutterer visited me recentlyIt arrived (and left) quite silentlyRemarkably regalI’ve never met its equal. Coincidentally, I learned a new word today: cynosure. Something that is the center of attention; an object that serves as a focal point of … Continue reading

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Who wants to be an unpaid billboard?

The fashion industry made a canny move in persuading millions to buy clothing that boldly bears brand names. I wish I knew how they managed that. I for one decided long ago that the only way I would wear such … Continue reading

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The Grassroots Manifesto, by Don Lubov

Originally posted on Bobbing Around:
After many years thinking about this manifesto, it’s time to write it down and to share it with others. How a society treats its least capable and most dependent members is an accurate measure of…

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Don’t trash our future

It’s not just the big things; the little things matter, too. The UK is suffering from a litter epidemic. 226 million cigarette butts are discarded in England every year. £1 billion – the estimated cost of picking up litter in … Continue reading

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