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Climate change: it wasn’t me, it was the other fellah

This news is half a year old. I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen nothing about it at all on mainstream media. (Could that possibly have anything to do with that being controlled by the same greedy lying folk … Continue reading

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What really happens to your plastic recycling?

Many of us spend time carefully sorting our recycling. But what actually happens to the plastic waste we put out for collection? Greenpeace UK enlightened me on this subject a short while ago. There’s no WordPress ‘reblog’ button on their … Continue reading

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Our way of life is killing us

It’s all about externalities. The price we pay for things rarely, if ever, reflects its true cost. Forests are vital for our survival – but that’s not stopping greedy supermarkets and fast food companies burning them down for profit. We … Continue reading

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On the fragility of life

~~~ Planet Earth is 4,600 million years old. If we condense this inconceivable time-span into an understandable concept, we can liken Earth to a person of 46 years of age. Nothing is known about the first seven years of this … Continue reading

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The endless stupidity of humans

With thanks to Martin for saving me the trouble of composing a blog post :) [edit 26Feb2018: dammit! Looks like that post has gone walkies. Maybe I should change the title to ‘The endless stupidity of computer systems’…]

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A flood of spam is never welcome

Yes, I realise it’s cheap to copy/paste from emails. But I console myself with the thought that at least I’m not spamming your inbox. Who are the 水 Men? What dangers threaten the world’s water? From Beijing to Buenos Aires, … Continue reading

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