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How to celebrate being 42 every fourth year

A long time after Deep Thought reveals The Answer to Loonquawl and Phouchg, Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect try to figure out what The Question might be. Marvin (the Paranoid Android) had told them that The Question was imprinted in … Continue reading

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I am not pendantry (I am me)

My friend Goldie, in a short conversation recently via the comment thread on a 2017 post of his* asked me whether my moniker should have an initial capital. That simple question got me thinking. A bit of background I adopted … Continue reading

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Protected: Towel Day 2021 Quiz Answers (see clues in the 2020 quiz for the password)

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Happy Towel Day 2021!

Following on from the Hitchhiker’s Guide Trivia Quiz I did for Towel Day 2020, here’s another to celebrate Towel Day, 25May2021! The answers will be published later on today (at 22:10:10 UTC) in a password-protected post (here). You can find … Continue reading

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Should we use the dictionary?

This is a post by Mr. Ohh of ‘Mr. Ohh!’s Sideways View‘, who kindly agreed to accept my invitation to contribute to ‘Wibble’ as a result of my post ‘creating content collaboratively‘. (Come, join in the fun!)— pendantry Have you … Continue reading

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Science friction for Star Wars Day!

Tell your uncle if he gets a translator, be sure it speaks Bocce. Beru Whitesun Lars, Star Wars Episode IV, “A New Hope” In honour of C-3PO, to whom Bocce was like a second language, I was originally going to … Continue reading

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How not to use technology to help with (machine) transcription

I’ve transcribed several videos here on Wibble. The most recent example was a short while ago: four-and-a-half minutes of Richard Dawkins talking about Douglas Adams. And almost immediately, Goldie blew my mind with a brilliant comment, asking whether I’d used … Continue reading

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Towel Day 2021 kicks off in 101010* days

* There are 10 kinds of people: those who grok binary, and those who don’t.§ As of now, the number of days remaining until Towel Day 2021 is also The Answer to The Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and … Continue reading

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What makes the number 61 special?

‘Sixty-one’ is special to me today: no prizes for guessing why that might be! There are also no prizes for winning the quiz below§, which I am proud to present in 61’s honour. In my opinion, 61 is almost perfect. … Continue reading

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Goodbye Donald T****

Good riddance to bad rubbish.May he disappear (just as he promised he would!) And may the lessons learned never be forgotten.

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