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A warning from the future

We sleep during the day, because anywhere but under the second skin it’s too hot to do anything else. At night we rise, to continue construction of The Project. Some talk of redefining the words ‘night’ and ‘day’ to reduce … Continue reading

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Squad action

“We’re going to need more men on this!” “Sir! Yes, sir!” The one that had spoken peeled away from the column and headed back to base, double time. The rest of them continued to reconnoitre. That boy will go far, … Continue reading

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I’d been tracking this elusive character all over the world for two years now. Everywhere he hit, he left a photograph bearing the legend “always smile! PONY BROWN” as a calling card. After banging my head against the wall as … Continue reading

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The centrepiece

“No, it’s not the colour, the colour’s just fine.” “Is it the lights? I could add more lights.” “No, no… there are just the right number of lights.” “Too many fountains? Too few?” “That’s not it.” By this time, I … Continue reading

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Round trip

The old man in the shop in Turkey assured me that this camera was the best that money could buy. “It literally transports you back to where you were when the picture was taken,” he said to me, as I … Continue reading

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Come on feel the noise

It’s a truly beautiful day in spring, and the annual festival is in full swing. I can feel in my bones the thump, thump, thump of the drumming. I can see the swaying bodies of the crowd, watch those at … Continue reading

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It was only the fourth time we’d tried using the interdimensional portal. The other three times had revealed views of barren landscapes. This one was completely different. We’d hit the jackpot this time; the visiscreen displayed what was clearly a … Continue reading

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Cabinetto reshuffle

I’m celebrating Towel Day (now just eight days away, froods!) early with an attempt at Deb Whittam’s ’42 Words’ challenge #5 (‘cabins’). I hope you like it! After The Fall we learned to live in harmony with nature. We harvested … Continue reading

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A reminiscence from World War II

In response to: Carrot Ranch May 14, 2020, flash fiction challenge: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that answers the question, “What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you are in absolute danger?” Go … Continue reading

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Arrival – #writephoto

There was something very odd about the light. The dual shadows should have clued me in: one stretched out in front of me — and one behind. I looked up into the mists that surrounded me, to see that there … Continue reading

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