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Flat Earther kryptonite

This Article Won’t Change Your Mind. I’ll let you make your own mind up.

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A first for Scientific American: endorsing a political candidate.

Originally posted on Bobbing Around:
“We’ve never backed a presidential candidate in our 175-year history — until now” This editorial from one of the world’s most respected journals is worth reading. Regardless of other matters that may influence your vote,…

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Escaping the ‘sewer of realities’

[edit 10Sep2020 — following a comment by Russellings of the Spirit (below), I feel that I ought to point out that in order to make sense of my post here, you really do need to first watch this video clip. … Continue reading

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An open letter to all billionaires, everywhere

Dear Sir or Madam, In August 2020, Jeff Bezos became the richest man on the planet. Not only that, but he became the first person ever to exceed a personal wealth of US$200 billion (and that during a pandemic, too, … Continue reading

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The illusion of free will

First, watch this: Having watched it, you may now have an idea what the ‘many worlds’ hypothesis is about. Focusing on the Schrödinger’s Cat example: when the box is opened, the universe splits into two; one in which the cat … Continue reading

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The BIG Big Bang Theory Trivia Quiz

Q1: What is the flag of Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment? Q2: What is Leonard’s middle name? Q3: Why is Sheldon Cooper like a black hole? Q4: What is Penny’s star sign? Q5: What is vexillology? Q6: For what theory did … Continue reading

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How Western civilisation could collapse

I stumbled on a really interesting article on Pocket the other day. It bore a note at its foot: This post originally appeared on BBC Future and was published April 18, 2017. This article is republished here with permission. So, … Continue reading

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We’re fucked

If we knew an asteroid were to hit the Earth on a certain day and wipe us out, we would mobilize every scientist, bureaucrat, CEO and soldier planet-wide to deal with it. Well, an equivalent disaster is headed our way, … Continue reading

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English landowners have stolen our rights. It is time to reclaim them!

Update 06Sep2020: The petition closed yesterday with 134,900 signatures — and so will be considered by UK Parliament for a debate…. Landed power, built on theft, slavery and colonial looting, crushes our freedoms. A new campaign seeks to decolonise the … Continue reading

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Banks found complicit in rainforest destruction

Since 2009, 19 banks — despite having policies on advancing human rights, sustainability, and climate change — have financed US$10 billion for approximately 155 million barrels of dirty crude destined for refineries in the United States. But they aren’t only … Continue reading

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