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Red Bull gives you wiiings

Wiiings (n): a sickness brought on by perpetual failure to hit the mute button when adverts interrupt one’s chosen entertainment with cleverly contrived ear worms designed to persuade you to buy stuff. Symptoms: Possible remedies:

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Saturday Surprise — Happy World Bee Day!!! 🐝

Originally posted on Filosofa's Word:
I reprise this post every year on this day, and today it just happens to fall on Saturday, so I can make World Bee Day our Saturday Surprise!? Today is World Bee Day and…

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One of the numerous effects of a warming climate.

Originally posted on Learning from Dogs:
An article that I wanted to share with you! There is no question that we are warming the world, and in my mind, there’s very little doubt that it is us older persons who…

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Shell knew (half a century ago!) that CO2 was a problem

Fossil fuels are the very bedrock of our global civilization; but oil and gas ‘production’ is nothing of the sort: it’s not production, it’s extraction. Those who ‘produce’ these resources are profiteering from their historic control of them, and actually … Continue reading

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Old MacDonald’s climate change

Old MacDonald had a farmEe i ee i oAnd on his farm he had a floodEe i ee i oWith some drowned cows hereAnd some drowned cows there.Here a bull, there a calf,Everywhere an oh no.Old MacDonald had a farmEe … Continue reading

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The future is now, and it is us; we must choose to act.

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How to Shop for Tech That Actually Lasts

If we are to get ourselves out of Spaceship Earth Demolition Mode, one thing we are all going to have to do is to wean ourselves off the Perpetual Upgrade Treadmill. Below is a ‘reblog’ of an interesting lifehacker article … Continue reading

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We really must rethink everything

I have no time (I shouldn’t even be writing this), so this will be a very short wibblette. I’ve been dwelling on my own cognitive dissonance reflected in my recent post ‘The cake is a lie‘. The original post was … Continue reading

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Greta Thunberg says, “Enough is enough!”

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing. Me, Just now† I received an email today, imploring me to sign yet another petition. Those tend to have little effect, but, still, we … Continue reading

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Net Zero: the great con

“Net zero” is the concept that I can carry on my climate-wrecking activities by paying someone somewhere to do something that removes CO2 from the air. Then typically there is a date put on it: “Net zero by 2050” used … Continue reading

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