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People of the forest

25 orangutans will die today. Just like yesterday. And tomorrow. Palm oil deforestation is killing the last orangutans on our planet, and if we don’t act now, in just eight years there won’t be any left. Orangutans need trees to … Continue reading

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The sea

The sea Unfathomable Yet we wage war on it Three-quarters of the Earth’s surface Unknown Pollution and overfishing Will kill all the oceans But do we care… Enough? Prompt: The Writer’s Corner poetry prompt: The Sea

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Waste Not Want Not — The Pretenders

Take, take, take, takin’ what you don’t need You’ll get, get, gettin’ what you don’t need Stand back, take a look and take heed All the children in god’s kingdom bleed See the networks of concrete and steel They’ve no … Continue reading

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Like, Mad?

What message does a ‘like‘ send? One of the things about blogging (and other aspects of Internet life) that puzzles me more than a little is ‘the like’. How can one like this? Or this? Or this? There are, quite … Continue reading

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White light Viewed through prism Reveals colour array Generational injustice Racism A systemic ostracism Reviled by us today We need just this Right sight Prompt: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge #319

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Nobody is born a racist

Originally posted on Robby Robin's Journey:
[Disclaimer: I am convalescing from having shoulder replacement surgery last week, and so have little to do but take pain pills, lie around, and think about the state of the world. Thanks to…

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The Lorax, by Dr Seuss

With thanks to Dr Bob Rich, for reminding me That we need to speak up for the truffula trees

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The centrepiece

“No, it’s not the colour, the colour’s just fine.” “Is it the lights? I could add more lights.” “No, no… there are just the right number of lights.” “Too many fountains? Too few?” “That’s not it.” By this time, I … Continue reading

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Simply Souls

If we were souls Who chose the Earth And come to do it good. Oh, if we were souls That chose the Earth, If only that we would. If we were souls who came to Earth To help to set … Continue reading

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Cabinetto reshuffle

I’m celebrating Towel Day (now just eight days away, froods!) early with an attempt at Deb Whittam’s ’42 Words’ challenge #5 (‘cabins’). I hope you like it! After The Fall we learned to live in harmony with nature. We harvested … Continue reading

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