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A marble: floating in the middle of nothing

The Long Slow Goodbye Our world is dying. We are killing it. We pride ourselves on our adaptability, Yet we are locked in an anachronistic worldview: One that deludes us into believing That what once was will ever be. It’s … Continue reading

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Gaia, swirling heaven. Mankind blossoms, then explodes; the end: just deserts?

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Majestic sunrise

It’s sad but true that one can be Adept at counting numbers, Yet at the same time fail to see Which ones make up the wonders. All things in life may be defined As strings of ones and zeroes. Discernment … Continue reading

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Once upon a dream

There once was just this little bard who dreamt of being great. A tale begins. Words on an empty slate Advent’rous soul, explorer, he set foot upon the path. The way unclear; could not see far sought wisdom from a … Continue reading

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The root of all evil


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Fail big for the win

Murder one? Slung inside. Poison hundreds? Genocide. Slaughter thousands? National pride. Personal bankrupt? Gee, that’s tough. Enterprise dies? Not good enough. Massive layoffs? Feed at the trough.

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Distraction tactics

The voice of reason… it makes perfect sense: when you can’t win, distract the audience.

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The power of change?

Earnt through sweat and worry, Beer tokens flow: Out and in, Down and up. Decade-spanning cycles Seem to merrily move; The misery of the downs Lost in distant fog. Folding paper, Chinking coins Representing… What? Stored labour? Money is power. … Continue reading

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Step outside

We are all agreed The Big One says build fences Protection needed. Hide behind the fence Bar enemy from crossing Shoot first, ask later. Defense is offense. Protection is illusion. Tear down the fences. Step outside yourself Pretend you are another We … Continue reading

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Twenty years of the innerwebz

Progress? Define, please. Interminably exchanging emails As both sides miscommunicate; Pick up the phone to talk? Unbelievably passé. Reams and reams stand by To one side of the paperless office; While printers a degree require To double-side copies acquire. Desktop … Continue reading

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