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Old MacDonald’s climate change

Old MacDonald had a farmEe i ee i oAnd on his farm he had a floodEe i ee i oWith some drowned cows hereAnd some drowned cows there.Here a bull, there a calf,Everywhere an oh no.Old MacDonald had a farmEe … Continue reading

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Sunray Meadow (my response to the prompt)

Who, Ra? Perhaps it’s evening: Contemplating reflections Of the shadow of the day More tasks ticked off (Yet the list is longer) Time to rest. But then again: Perhaps it’s morning: The inherent promise Of a nascent dawn Beckoning excitement … Continue reading

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This page is intentionally blank

This page is intentionally blank Continue reading

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The writings of Chat Qu’éspire

About four hundred years ago, William Shakespeare was born and died in the Aprils of two successive centuries. As I sit here putting the final touches to this post, it’s the last day of this year’s April; the first day … Continue reading

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On the self-righteous litter-picker (me)

I collected two more bags of trashOn my walk today.Stuff folk, unthinking, careless,Chose to throw away‡Into hedgerows on the public pathOblivious of the aftermath. ‡’Away’ is, to me, a foreign landIt’s not a place I’d like to liveIt’s dirty, smelly, … Continue reading

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Some words, in memory of my father

My father would have been 94 today. When he passed away a few years ago, I made a list of some words that I thought described him well, with the intention of trying to craft a remembrance poem. The best-laid … Continue reading

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The sea

The sea Unfathomable Yet we wage war on it Three-quarters of the Earth’s surface Unknown Pollution and overfishing Will kill all the oceans But do we care… Enough? Prompt: The Writer’s Corner poetry prompt: The Sea

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Strong at heart; these powerful steeds thunder through, fully unrestrained revelling in freedom ingrained. This natural, majestic breed arising from an ancient seed was born to run, and run it shall through brush, and plain, and chapparal. When they are … Continue reading

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There’s no room to be complacent; we must not resort to pretext, it’s all up to us what comes next. Though our plans may still be nascent and our aims may be adjacent to those already in progress: constantly targets … Continue reading

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White light Viewed through prism Reveals colour array Generational injustice Racism A systemic ostracism Reviled by us today We need just this Right sight Prompt: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge #319

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