Japanese town cut waste by 80%, but…

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In 2003, the Japanese town, Kamikatsu, resolved to go waste-free by 2020. They did incredibly well, but couldn’t manage it. Why? The packaging industry makes it impossible.

Please read this incisive short essay by Olivia Sullivan. She describes what got in the way, and what humanity must do about it.

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1 Response to Japanese town cut waste by 80%, but…

  1. bigm57 says:

    Around 90% of our household waste goes into recycling – but i have wondered for some time how much of it is actually recycled.

    I saw a news report a few years ago stating that UK recycling operations receive an appreciably smaller subsidy than for exporting the waste for recycling. A crazy situation.

    Looking at the mess on the beaches, i have visions of huge waste recycling ships sailing out of sight, dumping their loads at sea and moving on to collect a load elsewhere.

    Reducing plastic use is the only way.

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