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Lunar Lander

For two hundred thousand years, humanity trundled along. And then the industrial revolution happened — and things took off… I recall, as a young boy, watching the Apollo 11 Moon landing. I remember looking forward to the day when I … Continue reading

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Biological pest control

Originally posted on Bobbing Around:
Blin was bored beyond belief, sitting idly while the machine did its automatic scan. “Why must we do this, watch after watch?” It demanded. At Its own console, Daita said, as during many previous watches,…

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JourneyQuest 3: Return of the Lactomancer

Yes, it makes no sense. If everything we know and love will come crashing down around us, what’s the point? Nevertheless, it has to be… 3,252 backers $254,717 pledged of $420,000 goal 3 days to go JourneyQuest 3: go back … Continue reading

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The march of progress: ONWARD!

My silence here of late is largely due to the distressing feeling that not only is humanity heading, in lockstep, in entirely the wrong direction; we’re changing pace from a jog to a trot, chivvied along by blinkered politicos whose … Continue reading

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Time to paint the town red?

Monty Python’s Life of Brian scene 9: Brian Learns to Conjugate. I love the way Brian narrowly avoids heading off to an earlier crucifixion than the plot calls for because he initially gives what turns out to be the right … Continue reading

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Once upon a dream

There once was just this little bard who dreamt of being great. A tale begins. Words on an empty slate Advent’rous soul, explorer, he set foot upon the path. The way unclear; could not see far sought wisdom from a … Continue reading

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All I need is the air that I breathe

James Cameron’s Avatar is more than just allegory. The action isn’t happening on Pandora in the far future; it’s happening right here, right now, on Earth; anyone who can’t see this has their eyes wide shut. ‘A message from Pandora‘ … Continue reading

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Let’s Play… cut down a tree today

EXT. DENSE WOODLAND – DAWN Mist swirls amidst the trunks of the trees of an ancient forest. BURLY MAN arrives, clearly a lumberjack, armed with a large axe. He chops down a tree. FADE OUT FADE IN The sun rises. … Continue reading

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Even the pessimists got it wrong

Originally posted on David Robertson:
This is one of those “you bunch of bastards” moments. Moments that the people on the right don’t want you to have. It’s not that I’m against people having lots of money, or even a…

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Happy 8th Anniversary, EverQuest II!

A while ago, I wrote about my attempts to cure a certain addiction of mine. Time marches on: as Everquest II celebrates eight years of playtime I still seek a cure: apply within… 🙂  

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