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Writing challenges that spur the creative flow

Some bloggers, like Punam at paeansunpluggedblog, are very clever at composing posts that combine a number of different challenges (For you is a good example). I thought I’d give some of that a try, but first of course I need … Continue reading

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Cabinetto reshuffle

I’m celebrating Towel Day (now just eight days away, froods!) early with an attempt at Deb Whittam’s ’42 Words’ challenge #5 (‘cabins’). I hope you like it! After The Fall we learned to live in harmony with nature. We harvested … Continue reading

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ye Oath of Giftiness, revisited

Yesterday, as I just found out from fellow blogger Jill Dennison, was ‘Pay It Forward Day‘. I’ve missed the boat on celebrating that, but it reminded me of something… Nine years ago I came up with an idea. It’s a … Continue reading

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The case for optimism on climate change

March, 2016: This video may be four years old, but it still shows promise…. (25 mins) November, 2018: Trump is on the scene now — but can he stop a steamroller? (6 mins) April 2020: Coronavirus and climate change (51 … Continue reading

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21 Questions for 2020: #15

Originally posted on Transition Times:
15. Question for Earth Day: Will humans seize the potential of this corona-induced “time-out” to move towards “conscious evolution”? For some time I’ve been writing with grief and shame about the way humans, particularly my…

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Refuse a return to the status quo

The following is a verbatim message I received from (‘an international movement of ordinary people working to end the age of fossil fuels and build a world of community-led renewable energy for all’). I don’t normally post such; but … Continue reading

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Study: Acting on Climate Will Boost Economy

Originally posted on Climate Denial Crock of the Week: CBS News: One of the main arguments against taking action on climate change has always been that it’s too expensive. But new research finds just the opposite: We can’t afford not to. …

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Money, money, money: must be funny

What happens after the coronavirus threat has passed? The government has decided — on our behalf, in theory — to implement a measure that threatens to plunge us back into a period of ‘austerity’ to recoup the losses we’ve incurred … Continue reading

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This is NOT natural

Originally posted on Open Mind:
This graph should be on every billboard in the U.S. Paleo from PAGES2K: combined with the surface temperature from Cowtan & Way

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A haiku for Earth Day 2020

The future is bright As long as we do what’s right Don’t give up the fight I’m dedicating this haiku to Earth Day 2020 (22 April), the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! The theme for Earth Day 2020 is climate … Continue reading

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