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Grieving is something you do

One of my current projects is a book on grief. Here is the latest little section: Grieving is something you do It is all too easy to identify with our suffering. Before I learned mindfulness-based pain management, I dealt with … Continue reading

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Old MacDonald’s climate change

Old MacDonald had a farmEe i ee i oAnd on his farm he had a floodEe i ee i oWith some drowned cows hereAnd some drowned cows there.Here a bull, there a calf,Everywhere an oh no.Old MacDonald had a farmEe … Continue reading

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Nonviolent living

At the core of all anger is a need that is not being fulfilled. Marshall Rosenberg (1934–2015) This video by Marshall Rosenberg is less than 6 minutes long, but in that short time it packs a message that would change … Continue reading

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Captain Kirk wants us to NOT go beyond the Final Frontier

I really don’t have time for this – too much else to do – but there’s very little that can possibly be more urgent. William Shatner, AKA Captain Kirk of the USS Enterprise, emailed me (well, OK, not personally, it … Continue reading

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#FOWC inextricable

We are all inextricably linked: to each other; to all the other beings sharing our journey through the universe on Spaceship Earth; to every living thing; to our planet’s entire biosphere – and, indeed, to all of space, and all … Continue reading

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Sunray Meadow (my response to the prompt)

Who, Ra? Perhaps it’s evening: Contemplating reflections Of the shadow of the day More tasks ticked off (Yet the list is longer) Time to rest. But then again: Perhaps it’s morning: The inherent promise Of a nascent dawn Beckoning excitement … Continue reading

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Good news: wa’ mIn has been reunited with his family!

I was going to simply add an addendum to last week’s wibblette to announce the good news… but then I realised that a better choice would be to make a separate post about it, as this would make it more … Continue reading

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Who is winning the war in Ukraine?

by Dr Bob Rich It is not Russia. It is not Ukraine. It is what Eisenhower called the military-industrial complex. In my childhood, my grandmother was the source of all wisdom. One of her sayings was “Every fight starts by … Continue reading

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How to use Styles in Microsoft Word (and why you should)

by Dr Bob Rich Word is the most commonly used word processor program, and yet many people have difficulties with its basic features. A very experienced writer in a group I belong to complained that he hates having to put … Continue reading

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Too hot? Too cold?

by Dr Bob Rich Don’t reach for the thermostat yet. You can save a huge amount of electricity, gas, firewood or whatever your temperature-control energy source is and yet live a good life. Let me tell you a story. After … Continue reading

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