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How to Shop for Tech That Actually Lasts

If we are to get ourselves out of Spaceship Earth Demolition Mode, one thing we are all going to have to do is to wean ourselves off the Perpetual Upgrade Treadmill. Below is a ‘reblog’ of an interesting lifehacker article … Continue reading

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How to save the world, from George Monbiot

George does it again, and inspires me. This great man should receive a Nobel Prize. A major means of humanity’s attack on nature is overfishing. The worst attack on land-based nature is agriculture — we do need to feed those … Continue reading

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The AI Economist: Let’s Automate Politicians Away…

Originally posted on Mind the Post:
Capitalism and neoliberalism have been severely questioned lately. The rise of inequality in many countries (even though globally may be balancing due to China’s ascent) is a source of social and political tension. And…

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Adventures with a dumbphone

I’m 60 next month. For years, I’ve survived using an old Samsung ‘brick’ phone (does phone calls and texts, cost me a mere fiver!). I’ve even used it to enable ‘two factor authentication’ on several of the facilities I use. … Continue reading

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