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The MLK quote I can’t stand…

Originally posted on Russellings of the Spirit:
I am a fan and admirer of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. His sermons and speeches arouse hope and a passion for justice in my heart. But honestly, there is one…

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Believing In a Better World..

Originally posted on Dreamwalker's Sanctuary:
I am sure that many of us wonder just where we are heading in our world which on the surface may appear to be more violent and aggressive every day.. Despite all the horrors…

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Occupy Love

About the film – Occupy Love

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The root of all evil


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Step outside

We are all agreed The Big One says build fences Protection needed. Hide behind the fence Bar enemy from crossing Shoot first, ask later. Defense is offense. Protection is illusion. Tear down the fences. Step outside yourself Pretend you are another We … Continue reading

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