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It is what it is

When I look beyond my own complacency, what do I see? Hunger and starvation. Deprivation. Racism. Bigotry and hatred. Oppression. Strife of all kinds — including war. Injustices galore. Overpopulation. Pollution of the land, the seas and the sky. Avarice … Continue reading

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I saw the 2016 film Passengers recently. I was deeply impressed: it’s the kind of tale to which I aspire being able to craft myself. I’ve seen a lot of crap science fiction movies — and this isn’t one of … Continue reading

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Living your dash

I learnt about ‘living your dash’ from Robby Robin’s Journey. ‘The dash’ is the one that goes between your dates of birth and death. Mine, for instance, is in “1960-” (because I’m not dead yet). Jane Fritz says: This expression … Continue reading

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A deep (very deep!) Mandelbrot set

This amazing five minute video illustrates the Mandelbrot set; an infinite geometric figure (a fractal). Obviously the video doesn’t delve into the entire set — if it were to do that, it would take a bit longer to watch than … Continue reading

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Waste Not Want Not — The Pretenders

Take, take, take, takin’ what you don’t need You’ll get, get, gettin’ what you don’t need Stand back, take a look and take heed All the children in god’s kingdom bleed See the networks of concrete and steel They’ve no … Continue reading

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Conflagration denied

When logic dictates to seethe with anger and hate the world has gone mad. When those around seem to conspire and aim to set the world aflame; and power acts to play a game to reach at its own heart’s … Continue reading

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The Lorax, by Dr Seuss

With thanks to Dr Bob Rich, for reminding me That we need to speak up for the truffula trees

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The centrepiece

“No, it’s not the colour, the colour’s just fine.” “Is it the lights? I could add more lights.” “No, no… there are just the right number of lights.” “Too many fountains? Too few?” “That’s not it.” By this time, I … Continue reading

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Round trip

The old man in the shop in Turkey assured me that this camera was the best that money could buy. “It literally transports you back to where you were when the picture was taken,” he said to me, as I … Continue reading

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For Missy

Journey to the land where all dreams hold sway Where anything at all is possible And from this realm then pass entire away Adorable and ever comical Nine lives to live are simply not enough Where anything at all is … Continue reading

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