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Science friction for Star Wars Day!

Tell your uncle if he gets a translator, be sure it speaks Bocce. Beru Whitesun Lars, Star Wars Episode IV, “A New Hope” In honour of C-3PO, to whom Bocce was like a second language, I was originally going to … Continue reading

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The BIG Big Bang Theory Trivia Quiz

Q1: What is the flag of Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment? Q2: What is Leonard’s middle name? Q3: Why is Sheldon Cooper like a black hole? Q4: What is Penny’s star sign? Q5: What is vexillology? Q6: For what theory did … Continue reading

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A lack of adhesive ducks

There is this truly wonderful scene in The Big Bang Theory in which Penny slips in the bathtub and dislocates her shoulder. In Sheldon’s universe, the reason for this is perfectly clear: he cannot slip in the tub in his … Continue reading

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