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‘Social’ media doesn’t recognise death

When I go on ‘Linked In’, I’m often reminded to congratulate an old friend of mine for having been in business for x years. The problem is, this old friend passed on some time ago… Today I was reminded by … Continue reading

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A call for immediate discussion

With another Remembrance Sunday looming, my thoughts turn to those who have given their lives in many wars, for the freedoms those of us in the ‘civilised’ West enjoy: the freedom to vote for ‘any of the above’ in the … Continue reading

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Phlyarologist (a definition)

I’m a phlyarologist, and proud of it. I originally found this word via the marvelous site savethewords.org. Or, more correctly, I’d have to say that the word found me. I had been looking for a word to adopt (preferably a … Continue reading

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