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Get my eBook for FREE, Boxing Day 2021

Bah! Humbug! Boxing Day is the traditional day for exchanging gifts, and so… On 26Dec2021§ my eBook is available totally FREE! Just click on this link right here to get it. If you don’t have a Kindle,don’t worry, you can … Continue reading

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ye Oath of Giftiness, revisited

Yesterday, as I just found out from fellow blogger Jill Dennison, was ‘Pay It Forward Day‘. I’ve missed the boat on celebrating that, but it reminded me of something… Nine years ago I came up with an idea. It’s a … Continue reading

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ye Oath of Giftiness

How does ‘ye Oath of Giftiness’ grab you, as an idea? Yesterday, when the two copies of the JourneyQuest Season 1 DVD I had ordered arrived, I watched one and gave one away under ye Oath of Giftiness. Spot the freshly … Continue reading

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