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Confirmation that two-thirds of headline analyzers spout utter nonsense

An examination of three headline analyzer tools (and whether it’s worth using them), together with a Veritasium video on the effectiveness of clickbait (with transcription). Continue reading

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One has to acknowledge that a box exists before being able to think outside it

Paul Handover of ‘Learning from Dogs’ pointed me to this important interview the other day. It stumbles and rambles a bit, but some interesting points are made, especially towards the end where the idea is raised that academia has been … Continue reading

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Choose your battles wisely (especially when transcribing)

When I wibbled about machine transcription a few days ago, I concluded that it was perhaps still too much in its infancy to be of any use. However, I thought I would give it a second chance, as I’ve no … Continue reading

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How not to use technology to help with (machine) transcription

I’ve transcribed several videos here on Wibble. The most recent example was a short while ago: four-and-a-half minutes of Richard Dawkins talking about Douglas Adams. And almost immediately, Goldie blew my mind with a brilliant comment, asking whether I’d used … Continue reading

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Who’s on first?

Abbott and Costello: [snipped for brevity] Lou Costello: I love baseball. Bud Abbott: We all love baseball. Lou Costello: When we get to St. Louis, will you tell me the guys’ names on the team? So when I go to … Continue reading

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