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Sign the petition to the UK government for more trees!

Petition closed with 10,507 signatures Thanks to all who signed. Altogether, though, a pretty non-committal response (both from the public and the Government). Government response 21May2021 The Government is exploring whether a statutory target for woodland creation in England would … Continue reading

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Another small elephant pile of pleasant tidbits

Be forewarned: this post is going to go all around the houses, through all the back alleys, round and round until it probably ends up nowhere. So if you value your time at all, hit the back button now! Having … Continue reading

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New buds

It’s been a while (actually, almost a decade!) since I last posted about my bonsai horse chestnut tree. Amazingly, after 32 years, it’s still alive! — I must be doing something right. The tree’s had a new pot in the … Continue reading

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Let’s Play… cut down a tree today

EXT. DENSE WOODLAND – DAWN Mist swirls amidst the trunks of the trees of an ancient forest. BURLY MAN arrives, clearly a lumberjack, armed with a large axe. He chops down a tree. FADE OUT FADE IN The sun rises. … Continue reading

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Bonsai update

Here are some older pics of my horse chestnut tree I post them here in case someone might want to see 2001 October 2007 May August 2008 May

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