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Experience the numinous total solar eclipse

The Sun is 400 times the size of the Moon. It is also 400 times farther away — so both Sun and Moon appear to be the same size. It hasn’t always been this way; the Moon is moving away … Continue reading

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A special place in the universe

This twenty-five minute video clip has just turned my world upside down. In one of my earliest posts on this blog, way back in 2007, I marvelled at the splendour of the night sky, and concluded that with so very … Continue reading

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Total solar eclipse: coincidence?

Preamble: There are five video clips in this wibblette. The longest is just over three minutes long, and they total a smidgeon over ten minutes. Just so you know. The short clip above, which comes from an hour-long BBC documentary … Continue reading

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S,E,T,I can’t get no satisfaction

With ‘Just Do It’ as my current motto, I woke up at just gone 3am with a story punchline in my head. So I got up and Just Wrote It. Glad I did — if I’d gone back to sleep … Continue reading

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