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How Man’s Effect On Nature Will Change Your Life

Further musings on the absurd antics of the dominant extant species on the only life-bearing planet known to said species. Continue reading

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It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it

As a phlyarologist, I understand that words matter. It’s often not what you say that counts, what’s far more important is how you say it (as a very good friend of mine is so fond of pointing out). Choosing one’s … Continue reading

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Risk Creep + Peak Oil = Big Trouble

Following on from Dr Bartlett’s seminal documentary, here’s another video report that should be mandatory viewing. Hell, this should be being shown on every TV channel every hour on the hour, so that even terminal couch potatoes get the message. … Continue reading

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Passwords: simplifying the complexity

A long while ago now, I wrote up an idea I had for dealing with the problem of handling an ever-growing list of passwords, something that all Net users need to do. (The first post in the series is here). … Continue reading

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