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It doesn’t bear thinking about

Dismissed out-of-hand by some as merely another symbol, the polar bear is an apt icon of our times. Take, for instance, this story from Nature earlier this year. It begins in 2006 with a survey finding a number of polar … Continue reading

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Passwords: storing passwords

Back in 2007 I wrote a post (One Ring To Rule Them All) detailing my idea for coping with the Internet-necessitated need to manage a whole bunch of passwords with some modicum of security, and without fear of tearing all your … Continue reading

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Passwords: One Ring to Rule Them All

Have you ever heard of ‘Identity Theft’? (No? Where have you been the last few years – playing Evercrack or something?)   Using one password for everything is definitely a Bad Idea. So is writing that one password down on a post-it note … Continue reading

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