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How to be a free-thinker, part two

Following on from last week’s wibblette, my intent with this one is to try to persuade you to consider using tools other than the ones that you probably use because everyone else does (apologies if that’s not the case). There … Continue reading

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What price privacy?

The Dumbest Blog Ever§ recently highlighted that ‘together, Apple and Google phones account for 99% of the smartphone market in the US‘. I avoided the dumbphone trap myself for years, relying on a ‘burner’ phone that did only what it … Continue reading

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WhatsApp’s privacy policy change breaks Signal

Update 20Jan2021: The SumOfUs petition I mentioned below currently has 93,661 signatures*. Whether it’s down to that or the general backlash, WhatsApp announced it will delay the rollout of the policy revision from 08Feb to 15May2021. (Big deal: all delaying … Continue reading

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Everything in Sync

If you’re like me, you probably have a need to share content with others on occasion. Email is not always an option, especially with very large files (and it’s not polite to oblige the recipient to download a lot of … Continue reading

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So: you think your email is private? Think again…

We the people are walking blindfold into a future in which unaccountable anyones can access our private thoughts. Continue reading

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Passwords – how secure is my password?

[update 09Feb2014] Kudos to howsecureismypassword.net — I’ve just revisited their site, to discover that their home page now bears the disclaimer (and useful advice): This site could be stealing your password… it’s not, but it easily could be. Be careful … Continue reading

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