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This page is intentionally blank

This page is intentionally blank Continue reading

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In a hole in the ground

In a hole in the ground lived a hobbit: Seldom seen; mayhap could be because it did a curious thing; met a g’llum with a ring of invis, and from him did rob it. Prompt: Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #69

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Conflagration denied

When logic dictates to seethe with anger and hate the world has gone mad. When those around seem to conspire and aim to set the world aflame; and power acts to play a game to reach at its own heart’s … Continue reading

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Simply Souls

If we were souls Who chose the Earth And come to do it good. Oh, if we were souls That chose the Earth, If only that we would. If we were souls who came to Earth To help to set … Continue reading

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Live now In what you have , The present moment holds All that is and will be this day, Too soon Passes This time into eternity So precious is all time Love’s gift to us To live

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Lost in translation

Drizzle like silk pressing jade dust Shimmering like a deep cloud Strong wind and rain Stunned Sensational briefing Current events are unpredictable Severe outbreak is banned Qingming is unable to worship the ancestral grave Affectionate ancestors all angry What do … Continue reading

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Paradise Unpaved

Believe it if you will or not, it is true, what I say:At the turning of the wheel of the twentieth century(Nineteen hundred’s what I mean, a hundred years ago)Trams and trains and automobiles, all were on the go. Electric ones. Mr … Continue reading

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