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Flipping the coin

I recently read Guy McPherson’s book ‘Walking Away from Empire’. While I do recommend it, Guy is one of those who highlights the stupidity of homo fatuus brutus: here I am, going around trying to turn lights off when they’re … Continue reading

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The endless stupidity of humans

With thanks to Martin for saving me the trouble of composing a blog post :) [edit 26Feb2018: dammit! Looks like that post has gone walkies. Maybe I should change the title to ‘The endless stupidity of computer systems’…]

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There’s no tomorrow

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The Great Squeeze

Gail at Wit’s End pointed me in the direction of the following documentary (thanks, Gail). I highly recommend watching it. It’s in five parts, totalling just over an hour. The human project over the course of this coming century is … Continue reading

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An open letter to the UK Pri’Minister (sic)

Cambridge, England 24 September 2011 Dear Mr Cameron, My dear Sir, with the very greatest respect (I think that this is how one honourable gentleman is supposed to begin addressing another in our civilised society; please accept my apologies if … Continue reading

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The American Dream has become a nightmare

The most powerful man on the planet is often said to be the President of the United States of America. And yet, where it truly counts, President Barack Obama is powerless. I believe that the 44th US President entered office … Continue reading

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Risk Creep + Peak Oil = Big Trouble

Following on from Dr Bartlett’s seminal documentary, here’s another video report that should be mandatory viewing. Hell, this should be being shown on every TV channel every hour on the hour, so that even terminal couch potatoes get the message. … Continue reading

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There is no more cheap oil – deal with it

A series of tweets today suddenly reminded me of the scenes towards the end of Apollo 13. The critically damaged spacecraft hurtles towards home; inside, the three astronauts huddle, shivering, watching the world getting awfully big in Odyssey’s window. In the … Continue reading

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Piss on you

The original YouTube video that this post contained is, sadly, no longer available. If memory serves, it was about Canadians urinating on idling vehicles. A purely symbolic retaliatory gesture, the message being: “if you’re going to sit in your car … Continue reading

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How to make your great-grandchildren glow

Acquire ever more new energy-guzzling gadgets: bigger and better fridges, freezers, fridge-freezers, mini-bars, televisions (in every room, naturally, more if you have space for them), video players, DVD players, cookers, microwave ovens, toasters, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, mobile phones, digital cameras, handheld … Continue reading

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