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Is it time to redefine ‘normality’?

It’s November here in the UK; it’s chilly, but still unseasonably warm. I’m no botanist, but this rosemary bush seems to think something’s odd, too…

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Is it possible to perceive a difference between sunrise and sunset?

Pendant (n). One who, by correcting others, gives himself (or herself) just enough rope by which to hang. Me, 1993 Having been a ‘pendant’ (by the above definition) for many years, I’ve gotten into the habit of questioning my own … Continue reading

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Questions arising from some unpalatable truths

Change Change is inevitable. Some change occurs through events beyond our control; some change can be managed — but only if we recognise what it is that must change. Unanticipated change is unwelcome because adapting to it is uncomfortable; to … Continue reading

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