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Veritasium on the biggest myth in education

“When we already believe the world to be a certain way, then we interpret new experiences to fit with those beliefs, whether they actually do or not.” Thus spake Veritasium Veritasium: This video is about learning styles. What kind of … Continue reading

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The paradox of expertise

I’ve long maintained that the deal that’s been struck by computer makers with computer users about security is very one-sided. It assumes that the user always has the nouse to deal with their end of the bargain, and that’s simply … Continue reading

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Does it count as egosurfing if you only seek a handle?

I went egosurfing today. It was an entertaining journey. WordPress offered me 27 results. I discovered all sorts of things, such as: I like the Grateful Dead (call me a n00b: it’s one of those bands I’ve only ever heard … Continue reading

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