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A thorny issue: transcripts and intellectual property

The story so far Forty-two§ days ago, I wibbled about the upcoming Towel Day, in a post that featured a video interview of Richard Dawkins talking about Douglas Adams — and the transcript I’d (laboriously) made of it. Goldie left … Continue reading

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Tree-huggers of the world, unite!

“What if trees had legal standing?” Christopher Stone, an American law lecturer, asked his students in 1971. A year later, his book Should Trees Have Standing was published. Professor Stone suggests that the idea of a thing holding legal rights … Continue reading

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Cats and Fences

This morning, I was leaning on a fence looking out into the distance; past hedgerows and trees into rolling countryside that stretched away and vanished into the distance, all under a bright blue sky. It looked very calm, very tranquil, very English. While … Continue reading

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