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Shell knew (half a century ago!) that CO2 was a problem

Fossil fuels are the very bedrock of our global civilization; but oil and gas ‘production’ is nothing of the sort: it’s not production, it’s extraction. Those who ‘produce’ these resources are profiteering from their historic control of them, and actually … Continue reading

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Don’t trash our future

It’s not just the big things; the little things matter, too. The UK is suffering from a litter epidemic. 226 million cigarette butts are discarded in England every year. £1 billion – the estimated cost of picking up litter in … Continue reading

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Republican Voices of Experience Speak Loudly

Originally posted on Filosofa's Word:
It’s one thing for someone like me, a mere political observer, to say that Donald Trump must be prosecuted for his crimes, particularly the crime of inciting an attempted coup to overturn an election,…

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The End Of “Liberty and Justice for All”

Originally posted on Filosofa's Word:
Yesterday, the United States Supreme Court voted to take away a substantial portion of the rights of women when they voted in private to strike down the 1973 landmark Roe v. Wade decision.  We…

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Why governments need to be bigger

It is, quite simply, a question of numbers. There are more people now. QED. Oh: you want more? More people means more resources required to satisfy the problems that the increased population creates. Each person in government represents a certain … Continue reading

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The rule of thirds versus the Pareto principle

In response to my post the other day bemoaning the various afflictions under which our global society labours (‘It is what it is‘), msjadeli commented: My mind theoretically would like to believe the change that is needed to save our … Continue reading

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Something Snapped

Sort yourselves out, America! The Pilgrimage I’m not racist. Neither are most of the white people I know. But finally, at long last, I’m starting to have an inkling that, given our nation’s history and track record (ugh. No pun … Continue reading

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Here’s a question that really matters…

The guys from Positive Money went to ask young people a few questions about money. The first questions they asked were no-brainers. “Duh, everyone knows that.” But then they asked: Do you know where money comes from? Our money system … Continue reading

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