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Originally posted on MODERN TIMES IN MUDSHIRES:
Money creation should only be used in the public interest ? The same banks that caused the financial crisis currently have the power to create 97% of the UK’s money. They’ve used this…

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Mana from heaven

With thanks to Christine.

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The beginning of the end of corporate insanity?

I firmly believe that corporate personhood is a major driving force behind the ills of our so-called ‘civilised’ society. To begin to build a better world, we must first rein in the currently unbridled power and influence of The Corporation. … Continue reading

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The Story of Broke

Annie Leonard waves her hands around far too much for my liking. But what I do like in her latest presentation is that she’s not just mirroring my own chief grievance (ie: our society is seriously broken and needs fixing) … Continue reading

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The Master and his Squire

Illusion and reality; The master and his squire. Lunacy and sanity: Two faces on a coin Balanced On a point of view. The windmills At which we tilt While we learn from one another, Have a lesson, if we’d listen: … Continue reading

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