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Many small streams will form a large river

Don’t sweat the small stuff Such things do not matter; But a little can be enough: A flat-rate fee can flatter. Flattr: Small change, for big change. Heh. All my own words (the ones after the video!) OK, maybe I … Continue reading

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Bill Nighy explains the Robin Hood Tax (BBC News)

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Is innovation always a good thing?

Treehugger tells me: Intel announces revolutionary 3D transistors, 50%+ more energy efficient than previous generation. Wow, that sounds great! But… is it, really, that good? It’s my guess that the “50%+” is based on a comparison of some variety of … Continue reading

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Paradise Unpaved

Believe it if you will or not, it is true, what I say: At the turning of the wheel of the twentieth century (Nineteen hundred’s what I mean, a hundred years ago) Trams and trains and automobiles, all were on the go. … Continue reading

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