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Click to embiggen revisited (classic editor)

Sam “Goldie” Kirk posed some questions in response to my recent ‘How to’ post about images. Here, I aim to explain more clearly how to link a small image in a post to a larger one, using the classic editor. … Continue reading

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How to do the ‘click to embiggen’ trick

OK, first off: what do I mean by ‘click to embiggen’? I’m talking about WordPress blog posts, for one thing (although it can work in other fields). You have a small image; you click on it and are presented with … Continue reading

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Turbo-boost your site by optimising images

In a previous life, I used to design business websites. One of the things I made very sure of was that the ‘weight’ (size, in bytes) of each page was as low as possible, because heavier pages take longer to … Continue reading

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