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The shape of humanity (an elucidation)

I posted a poem yesterday: The shape of humanity. (It’s the first time I’ve ever tried a ‘butterfly cinquain’.) I don’t know what you take away from that poem — if anything — but I wanted to try to explain … Continue reading

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The shape of humanity

picture humanity spreading; branching through time covering the whole planet’s face briefly flickering to the Moon and space shrivelling termini yet the Earth ‘worm’ endures

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Beyond Hope

via Beyond Hope A long article. But well worth reading. I couldn’t find a ‘reblog’ button — just follow the link above.

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Human Population Through Time

It took 200,000 years for our human population to reach 1 billion — and only 200 years to reach 7 billion.

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On sculpting the being

Dear Jen, You’re the only artist/ sculptor type person I know: perhaps you could let me know what you think of an idea that has been pootling about in my head for some time now… an idea that has a … Continue reading

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Pondering a research project

Earthstonestation got me thinking… I have no grandchildren. I have no children. I’m a proud member of VHEMT. I often wonder why I’m even interested in the concept of humanity surviving. There seems to be nothing at all in it … Continue reading

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