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Another year, another few bonsai pictures

The climate crisis, not to mention the various other current insanities, is tiring. Time for a change… Taking a leaf out of Ellen Hawley’s book, allow me to begin with an irrelevant photo. Here’s one, of the dawn sky that … Continue reading

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Spring into summer

Another time-lapse series of my dwarf horse chestnut tree, in the months of May and June 2020. During this time, the edges of the tree’s leaves have become severely dry, despite my daily watering. I’ve seen this happening for the … Continue reading

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April’s growth

This gallery contains 18 photos.

All this month, I’ve been taking a photo (using my new dumbphone!) each day of the same part of the dwarf horse chestnut tree that I’ve been tending for the last 34 years. I say ‘dwarf’ rather than ‘bonsai’ because … Continue reading

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New buds

It’s been a while (actually, almost a decade!) since I last posted about my bonsai horse chestnut tree. Amazingly, after 32 years, it’s still alive! — I must be doing something right. The tree’s had a new pot in the … Continue reading

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Bonsai update

Here are some older picsof my horse chestnut treeI post them here in casesomeone might want to see 2001 2007 2008

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Cruelty to trees

Is it cruel To persuade a tree To become small? Nineteen years In this same pot Does it shed tears That that’s its lot? If it could talk Would it say to me: “I’m a tree! Set me free?”

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