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The awakening of homo fatuus brutus

The idea of gaining acceptance for a change of species name for humanity is all but impossible — and yet, at the same time, totally necessary. Continue reading

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What can I do?

Humanity’s demands on our planet’s resources now exceeds nature’s ability to regenerate by a massive 50%. This means that we would need one and a half planet Earths to support humanity’s current ecological footprint. And — largely due to ignorance … Continue reading

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A date with sanity

I would like to refer you back to the second video clip on ‘We are what we do‘, the one entitled ‘Arctic Death Spiral and the Methane Time Bomb’. It’s a bit long by today’s go-faster standards: well over an … Continue reading

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Water is life

In the wake of Earth Hour on Saturday, here’s an appropriate post for All Fools’ Day. Although there are many things about which there is disagreement, there can be no argument that water is necessary for life. Humanity’s probes into … Continue reading

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Homo fatuus brutus in the age of stupid

I woke up this morning… [ cue blues riff ] Rain. Grey clouds outside. “Good,” thought I, “it’s nice to see wintry weather in England for a change, instead of these perpetual California blue clear skies.” Then I went to … Continue reading

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Homo fatuus brutus: veni, vidi, abii

In the end, entropy always wins. Sometimes, it can be hurried along. On an insignificant speck of rock hurtling along in a vast expanse of nothingness, a thin film of gas nurtures a rare and wondrous thing that has, over … Continue reading

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S,E,T,I can’t get no satisfaction

With ‘Just Do It‘ as my current motto, I woke up at just gone 3am with a story punchline in my head. So I got up and Just Wrote It. Glad I did — if I’d gone back to sleep … Continue reading

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