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What happened at COP26? And what next?

COP26 summarised in a haiku:

In Pandora’s Box
Hope’s frosty note lay unread:
“Down pub getting drunk.” Continue reading

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It is what it is

When I look beyond my own complacency, what do I see? Hunger and starvation. Deprivation. Racism. Bigotry and hatred. Oppression. Strife of all kinds — including war. Injustices galore. Overpopulation. Pollution of the land, the seas and the sky. Avarice … Continue reading

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Conflagration denied

When logic dictates to seethe with anger and hate the world has gone mad. When those around seem to conspire and aim to set the world aflame; and power acts to play a game to reach at its own heart’s … Continue reading

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A haiku for Earth Day 2020

The future is bright As long as we do what’s right Don’t give up the fight I’m dedicating this haiku to Earth Day 2020 (22 April), the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! The theme for Earth Day 2020 is climate … Continue reading

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Gaia, swirling heaven. Mankind blossoms, then explodes; the end: just deserts?

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Step outside

We are all agreed The Big One says build fences Protection needed. Hide behind the fence Bar enemy from crossing Shoot first, ask later. Defense is offense. Protection is illusion. Tear down the fences. Step outside yourself Pretend you are another We … Continue reading

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