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Illustrating exponential growth using movement towards a target, revisited

The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability to understand the exponential function. Professor Albert Bartlett (1923–2013) Back in May, I used a series of photos taken at regular intervals along a footpath in an attempt to illustrate … Continue reading

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The greatest weapon in the green warrior’s arsenal

tl;dr: Just Say No. From birth to puberty, a hamster doubles its weight each week. If it didn’t stop when mature, as animals do, and continued to double on its first birthday, we would be staring at a nine billion … Continue reading

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Universe 25

Courtesy of a comment on …and Then There’s Physics I present a fascinating video that reveals what happens when a society has no barriers to growth: In 1968, an expert on animal behaviour and population control called John B. Calhoun … Continue reading

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Let’s Play… cut down a tree today

EXT. DENSE WOODLAND – DAWN Mist swirls amidst the trunks of the trees of an ancient forest. BURLY MAN arrives, clearly a lumberjack, armed with a large axe. He chops down a tree. FADE OUT FADE IN The sun rises. … Continue reading

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