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Are we ready for 2015?

I’m not sorry for sounding somewhat melodramatic, here: what we face is nothing less than the archetypical existential threat. You may well dismiss me as ‘alarmist’: but if you were in a crowded theatre and you were to hear me … Continue reading

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CO2 – present and past

Can you spare just four minutes to watch this (silent) video, please? Good words thieved from the YouTube comment thread (reinventing the wheel is futile): David Furphy: “Watch this excellent 3 minute animation  and you’ll immediately get how much Industrial … Continue reading

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IPCC* — straight talking

With thanks to Echoes from a Pale Blue Dot, whose post ‘Too important to ignore!’ explains more: It’s good to see a message that makes it clear that mitigation and adaptation are complementary; though, personally, I would like to see … Continue reading

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What’s the alternative?

The graph above is the rough shape of humanity’s usage of fossil fuels, on a scale that puts human civilization into perspective. We are currently halfway through the fossil fuel reserves, more or less; but although we’ve been burning the black … Continue reading

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