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Squad action

“We’re going to need more men on this!” “Sir! Yes, sir!” The one that had spoken peeled away from the column and headed back to base, double time. The rest of them continued to reconnoitre. That boy will go far, … Continue reading

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The centrepiece

“No, it’s not the colour, the colour’s just fine.” “Is it the lights? I could add more lights.” “No, no… there are just the right number of lights.” “Too many fountains? Too few?” “That’s not it.” By this time, I … Continue reading

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Come on feel the noise

It’s a truly beautiful day in spring, and the annual festival is in full swing. I can feel in my bones the thump, thump, thump of the drumming. I can see the swaying bodies of the crowd, watch those at … Continue reading

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The storyteller

The old man in the shop had promised her it would work when she least expected it to, so, although she couldn’t really afford it, she’d bought it. She’d taken it home and waited, patiently. But it just sat there. … Continue reading

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