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Freedom is a difficult concept; it is not logical.

You know, I find something very scary about the attitude of those who would scare us with fears of a left-wing conspiracy to implement a one-world government under the UN. Such people are highly vocal about their ‘freedom’, their ‘right … Continue reading

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The beginning of the end of corporate insanity?

I firmly believe that corporate personhood is a major driving force behind the ills of our so-called ‘civilised’ society. To begin to build a better world, we must first rein in the currently unbridled power and influence of The Corporation. … Continue reading

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Fail big for the win

Murder one? Slung inside. Poison hundreds? Genocide. Slaughter thousands? National pride. Personal bankrupt? Gee, that’s tough. Enterprise dies? Not good enough. Massive layoffs? Feed at the trough.

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Step outside

We are all agreed The Big One says build fences Protection needed. Hide behind the fence Bar enemy from crossing Shoot first, ask later. Defense is offense. Protection is illusion. Tear down the fences. Step outside yourself Pretend you are another We … Continue reading

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Cats and Fences

This morning, I was leaning on a fence looking out into the distance; past hedgerows and trees into rolling countryside that stretched away and vanished into the distance, all under a bright blue sky. It looked very calm, very tranquil, very English. While … Continue reading

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