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The litany against FB

Hat tip to Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary for pointing me at this video: Here are some words I wrote a few years ago (ok, so most of them belong to Frank Herbert, they’re taken from his fabulous Dune saga)… I must not … Continue reading

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Data Driven: Colbert on Cambridge Analytica

Originally posted on Climate Denial Crock of the Week:
Finally, someone goes on air to highlight the dissonance between the mouthings and the motives of the advertising industry. Oh, and some other stuff, about Facebook… Climate Denial Crock of the Week View original post

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‘Social’ media doesn’t recognise death

When I go on ‘Linked In’, I’m often reminded to congratulate an old friend of mine for having been in business for x years. The problem is, this old friend passed on some time ago… Today I was reminded by … Continue reading

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A netwise guide on the death of a friend

The Grey Slayer rides the Internet, as in real life. Odd thing, death (or DEATH, if YKWIM) — it comes to us all but, mostly, we avoid discussing it. Or is that just Brits? … or, just me? I was … Continue reading

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