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Travel beyond

The sea was calm, it urged me on Towards a future, bright and clear I tarried not, I had no fear My dearest wish, travel beyond; The universe it did respond It called to me across the sea Instilled a … Continue reading

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Here’s something I would like to share without being extra formal because it’s perfectly normal, it’s true for us all anywhere; I am quite sure you are aware whether or not it’s slow or fast there’s one thing that can … Continue reading

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Avian thievery

“It’s not true!” — Were it merely said. It’s puzzling! I would have thought by someone it must have been taught to recognise a loaf of bread. Not a thing to which it was bred; that resembles not a wheatsheaf. … Continue reading

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Sanity’s edge

At times of loss, then it does seem As though all flat is my being Eyes open, yet nothing seeing; Alone, I wander through a dream. Crazed horizons: a mottled theme Beckons me to sanity’s edge. A splintered mind; a … Continue reading

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