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The American Dream has become a nightmare

The most powerful man on the planet is often said to be the President of the United States of America. And yet, where it truly counts, President Barack Obama is powerless. I believe that the 44th US President entered office … Continue reading

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Climate change in three acts

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Climate change: it’s the humans, stupid

Imagine you’re about to board a plane. 98 airline mechanics tell you that they are certain the plane will never make it. 2 airline mechanics tell you that they are not sure about the success of the flight. 1 auto … Continue reading

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Many tuppences make a pile of change

I have another couple of tuppences: I find it encouraging to see that there are so many initiatives working to deal with the serious issues facing our world. I find it disheartening to see this resulting in a great many … Continue reading

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“Arithmetic, population and energy” by Dr Albert A Bartlett

This is one of those videos I keep coming back to. Each time I watch it, I find that it’s easier to understand. Greg Craven (of manpollo.org and gregcraven.org) uploaded the playlist of all eight short videos comprising in total … Continue reading

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Every journey begins with a single step

Perhaps there is an alternate reality in which Sony (and thus SoE) would not have been hacked. In this other universe, Everquest II is not offline. The game servers hum away, pushing their bits to the beast’s trapped users. (Naturally, … Continue reading

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Is innovation always a good thing?

Treehugger tells me: Intel announces revolutionary 3D transistors, 50%+ more energy efficient than previous generation. Wow, that sounds great! But… is it, really, that good? It’s my guess that the “50%+” is based on a comparison of some variety of … Continue reading

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Piss on you

The original YouTube video that this post contained is, sadly, no longer available. If memory serves, it was about Canadians urinating on idling vehicles. A purely symbolic retaliatory gesture, the message being: “if you’re going to sit in your car … Continue reading

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Thinking big on a smaller scale

Two arguments I hear consistently raised against wind power are: Sounds fine – until it’s not windy. Sounds grand – but not in MY back yard kthxbai. To take the second point first: let’s face it, we’re all NIMBYs. None … Continue reading

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How to make your great-grandchildren glow

Acquire ever more new energy-guzzling gadgets: bigger and better fridges, freezers, fridge-freezers, mini-bars, televisions (in every room, naturally, more if you have space for them), video players, DVD players, cookers, microwave ovens, toasters, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, mobile phones, digital cameras, handheld … Continue reading

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