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Petition for a UK national citizens’ assembly (PR2028)

Update 28Mar2021 (current signatories: 20,317): I’ve just had an email from Open Britain requesting donations to the PR2028 campaign. I’m chipping in a few quid a month; I think this matter is too important not to. Whether you agree is of … Continue reading

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What’s the true motive behind the president’s web of lies?

Today, 08Dec2020, marks the ‘Deadline of Resolving Election Disputes’ in US Federal law. All state recounts and court contests over the US presidential election results must be completed by today. Last Friday, 04Dec2020, Politico reported that The T**** campaign struck … Continue reading

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Privatisation by the back door

I don’t much like labels. Variety is the spice of life, and it comes in many flavo[u]rs. We are all individuals: yes, we can be grouped by where we live, what we believe, whether we like dogs, cats, budgies or … Continue reading

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AV referendum video – pub? or coffee?

This video is one of the best yet for explaining how the alternative vote (AV) works. “People say AV is complicated,” says Dan Snow, “Well it’s not. It’s simple, it’s fair, it’s common sense.” I want to ask: “Who are … Continue reading

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The Yes to Fairer Votes referendum broadcast

Vote Yes on May 5th. ‘Nuff said.

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