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Wellbeing Economy approach to meeting climate goals

Half an hour from now, Caroline Lucas MP is scheduled to lead a Westminster Hall debate on ‘a Wellbeing Economy approach to meeting climate goals‘. I was invited to offer my thoughts to her on this topic (because I signed … Continue reading

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The AI Economist: Let’s Automate Politicians Away…

Originally posted on Mind the Post:
Capitalism and neoliberalism have been severely questioned lately. The rise of inequality in many countries (even though globally may be balancing due to China’s ascent) is a source of social and political tension. And…

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Capitalism vs The Climate

I believe myself to be a realist. I have no doubt that many who know me would scoff at this, having long ago slotted me firmly in the ‘pessimist’ pigeonhole. Nevertheless, my weeks of late seem to be full of … Continue reading

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Less is more

The Sufficiency Economy — Envisioning a Prosperous Way Down By Dr. Samuel Alexander of the Simplicity Institute Reproduced in five parts with the permission of the author[1] on Learning from Dogs Part Nought: Some of what’s at stake Part One: … Continue reading

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What’s the answer to a world gone mad?

Find out more about the economics of happiness.

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The Story of Broke

Annie Leonard waves her hands around far too much for my liking. But what I do like in her latest presentation is that she’s not just mirroring my own chief grievance (ie: our society is seriously broken and needs fixing) … Continue reading

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There is no more cheap oil – deal with it

A series of tweets today suddenly reminded me of the scenes towards the end of Apollo 13. The critically damaged spacecraft hurtles towards home; inside, the three astronauts huddle, shivering, watching the world getting awfully big in Odyssey’s window. In the … Continue reading

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