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There is no ‘planet B’ – yet we’re using it already

Happy§ Earth Overshoot Day! Time to celebrate: we’re now using almost three-quarters of ‘planet B’. Shame it doesn’t exist. Back in 2014, I wrote a set of edicts I would apply ‘If I ruled the world‘. One of those (#4) … Continue reading

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We’re fucked

If we knew an asteroid were to hit the Earth on a certain day and wipe us out, we would mobilize every scientist, bureaucrat, CEO and soldier planet-wide to deal with it. Well, an equivalent disaster is headed our way, … Continue reading

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Earth Overshoot Day 2020 – the guessing game

You heard it here first. Back in June 2013 I conducted a poll right here on Wibble, asking readers to guess when Earth Overshoot Day would happen. It looks like the folks at the Global Footprint Network have taken a … Continue reading

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The march of progress: ONWARD!

My silence here of late is largely due to the distressing feeling that not only is humanity heading, in lockstep, in entirely the wrong direction; we’re changing pace from a jog to a trot, chivvied along by blinkered politicos whose … Continue reading

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